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Projects Completed and In Development

- Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) Completed - Conversions of OEM cars, Trucks, and premium kitcars to all-electric (BEV - battery electric vehicles) high performance vehicles PARTNERED WITH EVDrive (some past projects done back at EVDrive) & SSIC-RACING - such as Cobra and Shelby replicas, Hummers, Model T rod, Semi tractors, etc. - please refer to partner sites for more information. E-mail us for what type of vehicle you may want a high performance all electric high performance conversion.

This division, abbreviated as QAC (d.b.a. as QuantumWorks AeroMech Corporation - "AeroMech - Aerospace Mechanical Engineering"), is developing aerospace and terrestrial vehicle products and technologies partnered with the "best in class" craftsmen in the industry. In addition, we provide contract design and development services of new products and applications of new technologies looking for new product development. Additionally, we provide business development mentoring in applicable subject domain fields aiding companies developing their Executive Summary Business Plan presentations for acquisition of funding.

Related to our consulting and partnering activities to produce new innovative products, some examples are: Modular Battery System Design for EFS, Canada shown here, and all battery electric cars and trucks, QWC has have partnered with SSIC-Racing to produce a proven set of leading vehicle offerings pictured below.  On the Aerospace side, one example is a new World class Helicopter designed specifically for international manufacturer licensing and sales.  The vehicle will be  FAA type certified and will be offered in three engine configurations; piston, single turbine and dual turbine. 

Related to terrestrial vehicles (2, 3 or 4 wheeled motorcycles, cars, SUVs, trucks, etc.), applications of our Systems Engineering, Mechanical/Aeronautical, Electrical Engineering and Manufacturing expertise is being applied as well. Our belief is that building electric vehicles that demonstrate, at a minimum the same or optimally more performance, than their internal combustion engine (ICE) powered brethren, is the only way to convince consumers that breaking our addiction to oil today. This goal is not only achievable, but fun and economical in the long run - and good for the planet. Making sure our products can perform and last on the street, one of our partners now holds 5 electric vehicle world records for electric drag racing with and has built conversions to high performance all electric (BEV) or Plug-in hybrid (PHEV) ranging from sports cars, hotrods to SUVs. With our team, conversions or retro-fits of Class 8 Semi and Class 6 and 7 trucks have been completed - which will save incredible amounts of fuel and cut down hugh amounts of emissions. For example, for Vision Industries one prototype was built allowing trucks waiting in lines at borders, ports and terminals, to shut down their diesels for extended periods of time while they queue.

Another one of our partners has built one of the most "oem-like" in quality and performance BMW 3-series on the road today with 100 mile range with a "typical driving style" and performance exceeding his original BMW 3-series - all systems work as before. This new powertrain used in this conversion is scaleable and as a result of successful daily driving tests, is engineered to be near OEM quality and provide the foundation of all electric conversions for BMW 3, 5 and 7 series and other equivalent performance sedans and luxury sport SUVs. One of our all electric motorcycle projects using a Honda CRF250R converted to all-electric, performing better than the original.

We will be offering optional range extender modules for these all-electric conversions, allowing these vehicles to not only match and exceed the performance of the original OEM vehicle, but also match their range as well. Let us know what you want converted and we will see how our collective expertise and experience can be applied to your project.

BEV-Sports-sedan and BEV-SUV drivetrains - We can convert almost any "Gas guzzler" and Sports Car (space/powertrain packaging issues will determine feasibility and cost) to all Electric (BEV). With these conversions all OEM systems are maintained and the performance will meet or exceed the orginal ICE powered OEM vehicle.

Range Extenders, PHEV-Boosters, Mobile Auxillary Power Units (APUs) - Also we have engineered Electric Power Boost or "Auxillary Power Units" as an add-on to your vehicle for Fuel economy AND performance boost. This Hybrid powertrain APU fuel economy and performance enhancement add-on is perfect for SUVs, RVs, and Trucks. The first model is in the 25kW power output range.

PHEV-Supercar - Lastly, our Hybrid Supercar, below, an alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) Bio-Diesel APU (auxiliary power unit) based Eco Hybrid electric high performance exotic sports car project is the most expensive and most exclusive of the car projects we offer. Use the e-mail information at the bottom of the page to send your inquiry.

EVDrive Technical Management and Business Development Support

QuantumWorks Corporation is one of the founding members of this company and is supplying a range of services and intellectual property to help EVDrive attain it's goals.

- Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) Supercar - an "Eco-Exotic Sports car" to transform the public's perception of "golf-cart performing" electric vehicles

Do you want to be one of the first to own one of these truly unique one of a kind showcars ?

QWC's HEP powered Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) Diablo Coupe or Roadster Replica showcars

0-60 mph

3.4 secs.

0-1320 ft. (1/4 mile)

11.5 secs @ 135 mph

Top speed

> 200 mph

Braking 60 mph to 0

110 ft.

Braking 80 mph to 0

185 ft.

Hybrid-Electric Range*

360 miles

Zero emission Range

35 miles

Highway mpg


City mpg


APU ICE Fuel Capacity (Minimum)

10.5 gallons U.S. (assumed using gas, high % bio-diesel may require larger tank)


QWC HEP All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) w/ auto traction control.  Optional Bio-diesel creating a true "Eco-Supercar" as the first "Hybrid Bio-diesel Supercar"


Custom Tube & high strength to weight structural plate (thicker walls & superior welded than used in the original OEM) with similar suspension as original with dashboard control airlift for ride height adjustment.  (same as used in this superb $98.5k gas powered custom showcar built from same parts from same supplier)


Most accurate mold & strongest replica body available today - (hand laid up no chopper gun) (same as used in this superb $98.5k gas powered custom showcar built from same parts from same supplier)

Special features

25kW range extender & plug-in 110 - 220 vac hybrid


$130-140k U.S. - options, features final per customer order pricing and performance subject to change as specific customer product order nears production and final testing.

Click here for more images and UPDATED PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

QWC is not waiting for the big automakers as you can see from it's first Hybrid Supercar product.  Limited number of fully refundable $50k U.S. Diablo Hybrid Supercar deposits and "private investments in the company, production line and business opportunity" are being accepted to trigger low volume production.

QWC's HEP powered Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) Factory Five GTM Supercar

We have also reviewed perhaps a superior option for the chassis and body foundation platform - it is U.S. built called the Factory Five GTM. Our plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) powertrain would integrate with similar modifications as the Diablo replica shown above. For more information on this option, please go to -> Factory Five FAQ.

GTM Kit ordering background (fyi - we would actually order these kits optioned correctly for our purposes - this link just give you some background so you know why 6,000 people have ordered a traditional ICE powered version of this car) We also will support installing our family of 200-800 HP powertrains into these superb "roller" cars built by Superformance such as: the GT40, MKIII, Corvette & Perana

Click right here and e-mail us if you like what you see so far

Supercar Hybrid Electric Powertrain (HEP) Competitive Advantages Summary

1 - EVDrive's HEP "Motor Competence" (powertrain leans toward parity of power sources - some applications would have much greater electric) and plug-in design provide significant zero emission driving vs. most competition that are simply "electric assist".  Also much higher regenerative braking capability drives higher operational system efficiency.  Also MTBF will be lower (leads to lower maintenance costs) to due lighter loaded propulsion systems (novel in the industry) 

2 - Proprietary multi-mode optimizing system control and battery management software

3 - Six-fuel capable design approach due to Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) based Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) modularity (diesel / bio-diesel, gasoline, CNG, LP propane, H2, Electricity) (novel in the industry)

4 - Proprietary wireless, context-based optimization vehicle management system for whole fleet management - i.e. locale restrictions, route dependent energy optimization, etc. (novel in the industry)

5 - Modular design permits front-wheel drive (FWD), rear-wheel and all-wheel drive options in a parallel hybrid configuration (FWD is novel in the industry)

6 - Low initial and lifecycle battery costs (i.e. for PbA) due to EVDrive plug-in hybrid architecture (novel in the industry) ("plug-in hybrid" references listed above)

7 - Proprietary Simplified Transmission for lower cost and reliability compared to any series-parallel available

8 - Proprietary Modular motor/transmission dual air/liquid cooling design for up to 450 electric horsepower or more (greater hp for less weight)

9 - Automatic computer controlled shifting with efficiency of a manual transmission but with reduced driver workload of a standard automatic

10 – “Direct – Parallel” (no additional alternator) hybrid configuration for greatly enhanced cruise efficiency compared to Eaton and similar transmissions. 

11 - AC induction provides no-load coasting and loss less cruise compared to DC motor based systems, at much less weight

12 - Built-in high-power wall-outlet charging "anywhere", permits lower pollution (less reliant on ICE based APU) and overnight battery top-off (onboard chargers not common in most competitor vehicles)

13 - AC generation capability of the EVDrive direct-parallel HEP provides power for auxiliary equipment, emergency response, etc.

Plug-in Hybrid Definition and Advantages - un-biased reports on plug-in hybrid advantages available on this site) - click on links below

Reference #1

Reference #2

4 - Electric Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) - Partnered with EVDrive, QWC is offering "plug-in hybrid conversion" kits - a performance and fuel economy enhancement modification for specific SUVs, Trucks, RVs, Vans, and well-suited other vehicles. With this conversion the driver will get extra torque and HP power with better fuel economy (20-100% depending on configuration). Coupled with a unique Modular Open Standards Battery System first for fleet owners and later for consumers, called Click 'n Go (tm), the vehicle can be "recharged" in a couple of minutes by simply driving to a battery cartridge changeout station and exchanging the ~20 lb ergonomically designed cartridges. (Designed partially under contract to Electron Fuel Systems Inc.)

Overview description of Click 'n Go (tm) is located at this link.  Sketch depicting the 3 components of the system is located at this link -> Click-n-Go Components

Systems are in early development - call or e-mail to express specific application interest and for more information.  Fully refundable "Private investments", dependent on specific vehicle desired, are being accepted as well to trigger production of kits.

5 - We are contributing to the following EV education products - QWC also contributes to the continually updated Twitter feed focusing on market coverage of Plug-in Electric Vehicles Business, Prime Movers, Companies, People, Technologies, Infrastructures and Trends. Please follow ...

The need for a non-biased continual updating Electric Car Buyers Guide that includes plug-in (plugin) hybrid electric cars, 4 wheels or 3 wheels as long as cars meet specific minimum safety and performance requirements (candidates close to our supercar specs above would be great but we know that would drive up price beyond affordability for the early adopters that want to purchase asap). We are waiting for such a guide to be published. the wiat is over.

6 - Partnered with EVDrive, Electron Fuel Systems Inc. & Optimal Vehicle Technologies Inc., Developed Design for Modular Battery System Development for Electric Vehicles & equipment - Click-n-Go Components

7 - Past Partnership with Extreme MotorSports of San Diego completed #1 "James Dean Porsche 550 Customized Spyder" replica in 2006 - This car was to be the platform for testing a new type of plug-in series hybrid AC powertrain.

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